7 Prayers For The -Region Of Praise- |No Rest|

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Please come into agreement with these prayers.

1. Lord, as a region we repent and turn our hearts totally back to you. We break every allegiance with other gods and receive you as Lord of this region

2. We bind every principality and ruling spirit of darkness over this region in the mighty name of Jesus. Every high place must come down and all demonic strongholds are destroyed

3. In unity we declare, Jesus, you are Lord of this region

4. We stand and put you in remembrance of every promise concerning us. We receive every plan to prosper us and not harm us.


5. The children and youth of this region are turning their hearts toward you. In the name of Jesus we declare a fire and revival hitting  the youth of this region unlike any other time in history.

6. We bind the spirits of poverty and disunity in this region. We call forth new industry and innovation in the powerful name of Jesus. We speak to major corporations and startups and say they will take root and hire in this region. Every Kingdom business is in perpetual overflow. We do this by standing in unity and support of one another. In Jesus name.

7. In accordance with Isaiah 62:7, we give you No Rest until this region is manifested and tangibly set apart as the -Region Of Praise-

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