A New Season: My New Life As “Pop Pop”

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Oh my, how life has changed. It is literally a whole new world. My life and heart has been overtaken by this little girl. We affectionately call her Honey. She’s my grandbaby and I am now officially “Pop Pop.”

With 1 college graduate, 2 current college students and others rapidly moving toward graduation, we have definitely had a full and exciting parenting season. I’ve done my crazy Disney trips, hilarious school programs and countless sports events and pageants.


Now this little lady has come and blessed us with a new season. A season of spoiling her and sending her home with her parents. A season of watching all those precious moments from a different angle.

I am so excited about my new life and season as “Pop Pop.”


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3 Comments on “A New Season: My New Life As “Pop Pop””

  1. It’s amazing how much one changes throughout the course of life. How become more aware as we age. We become the best parents we can be with the help of God we look back with no regrets and smile for we know we’ve given our all. Now the grandchildren arrive and you didn’t realize how much Love this person takes up in you heart now your focus on life has changed again. Time moves Soooo fast so as we go through this journey we MUST slow down and stay in the moment because life is so precious and can be taken away in one second.

    Let me end by stating how proud I am of you and Charity how you have grown into a wonderful union. You both are great parents and beautiful people as a whole.

    Much LOVE MOM

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