Celebrate: Hate Gets You Nowhere

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I’m surrounded by greatness, and I Love It!

I’ve been enjoying every moment of watching people reach for their dreams lately. I’ve seen people write books, start ministries, launch clothing lines and change careers. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

As a person who has always gone after what I wanted, it’s such a pleasure to watch others do the same. Especially those who had to break through fear and doubt to do so. I especially love those stories.

This month my eldest daughter Traci started a movement of encouragement for dreamers called Lay A Brick. I celebrate her courage to put herself out there. Click HERE to check it out.

I’ve been following another young lady from my hometown who has built a huge business that is gaining national attention. I totally celebrate her and the success of her business.

God has a way of speaking to us through the greatness and success of others. What is He saying? I believe God is saying to us;

  • All Things Are Possible
  • It’s Time To Dream and Believe Me Again
  • Don’t Hate, Celebrate!

Each day I smile and find encouragement in observing the success of others. I Love It!

Watching all this happen has led me to ask a question. Why don’t we celebrate one another more? Why is it that we can always find a reason to pick out something negative about those who at least gave it a try to improve themselves?

I honestly don’t have the complete answer to this question, but I do have a few thoughts on why we should learn to celebrate more and hate less.

  1. When we celebrate others we may be, without knowing it, encouraging them to continue to strive and not give up. They may need it at exactly the time you give it.
  2. When we celebrate others we strengthen our own faith that there is greater possibility in our own lives. We can be encouraged and inspired by the courage and success of others. Don’t miss out on that by being negative.
  3. When we celebrate others we break the spirit of hate and division that keeps us down. The sooner we understand that when 1 of us wins, we all win, the better off we will be.

Try this today. Send a word of encouragement to someone who is making moves. You never know how much of a blessing a simple encouraging word can be.

God Bless You,

Cornell Burton, Jr.

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