Crush The Olive: My Testimony

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Have you ever wondered why pain produces power? Have you ever lived through times, when pressure took you higher?

These are the first two lines from my new song “Crush The Olive.”

Although I wrote this song a few years back, God knew it would be relevant for a different season.

Crush The Olive is a heart gripping song about the process. The process of crushing the olive to extract whats valuable from it.

I’ve learned that there are no shortcuts to the anointing. Just as tea bags are steeped in hot water to extract it’s value, so it is with the believer. The believer who wants to carry something powerful and valuable must endure the press.

There’s a line in the song that says “There’s a place called the press. Where you’re crushed until there’s nothing left, but the treasure in you.”

God has a way of ridding us of pride, haughtiness and flesh. Then breathing on what’s left to do amazing things.

This past year, 2016, was a year that this song became relevant to me. I found myself in a situation where I had to either trust God fully or attempt to fight my own battles.

I was publicly lied on and attacked. I was privately plotted against and had people who I spoke to daily suddenly never speak again.

I wanted so desperately to defend myself, my family and my name. I wanted to release recordings and other things that would prove that people had simply stood up and lied. My flesh wanted revenge, and I feared that great damage would be done to my reputation. My heart was literally broken. The worst part about it was God wouldn’t let me fight back. Every time I was preparing a response I would feel a strong rebuke. It was like God saying “either you fight, or let me handle it.” Though it was extremely difficult, I decided to allow God to handle things for me. He healed my heart, protected my name, revealed those who were never supposed to be close to me anyway, and He proved to me that I’m not alone. He also showed me things I could have done differently.

This season was the press. My pride was crushed. Everything in me that would be offended by someone standing up in front of hundreds of people and saying my name while lying, was crushed. There was nothing left but the treasure in me.

The anointing.

Again, this song was written years ago but God knew. He knew that in 2016 He would take me to the press. He knew it would be the season where He would Crush The Olive & Get The Oil from me.

I can honestly say I’m grateful. I’m smiling again, and I’m deeper in love with God than I’ve ever been.

As you listen to this song, allow it to build your faith for the process. For indeed, if you want the oil the olive must be crushed.


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