Do You Have 5 minutes? (31 Days of Worship & Prayer)

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Well, this has been an awesome week. Great weather so far in the region and I’m sure God has been great in your life. Right? As we head into this weekend I’d like to ask for 5 minutes of your time. That’s right, ONLY 5 MINUTES.I PRAYED!

Take 5 minutes today and pray for the Region Of Praise. Prayer for the mayors, governors, leaders, youth, etc. Lets make an impact on our region through the power of agreement.

I am personally praying for each ministry and believing that as you assemble this week you will experience an enhanced demonstration of Gods power than usual.

Enjoy your  weekend and be sure to check back in here at the blog on Monday. I have some great devotionals to share from a friend of mine next week.

Share the “I Prayed” flyer for me if you can…… Thx!!!



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