God Sized Potential

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What would you do if money wasn’t a barrier, and you knew you couldn’t fail? This is the question I posed to the young people of the Michigan City Youth Choir. I loved the look on their faces as their minds moved passed all the reasons that normally prevent stretching for greatness. Truth is, Nothing Is Impossible!

In MatthSMALL-Logo MCYCew 19:26, Jesus says with God all things are possible.

With Christ living in us, and us being in Him, we have been given new access and potential. MCYC-FrontPageWe literally have God in us. This fact assures us that we can tap into God Sized Power.

So my goal is to teach the youth of Michigan City Youth Choir & the region that they have God Sized Potential. I want them to know that by faith, they can speak to mountains and they’ll move. I live to see young people live a life where they so believe God that they break seemingly unbreakable barriers and boundaries and achieve greatness…..

Every reader should repeat this now….. “I have God Sized Potential. There is NOTHING impossible for me.”

Now go ahead and live in such a way that others see what faith can produce!


GSP-WEB SLIDER PIC  GSP-FundraiserFlyer!

We have begun the “God Sized Potential” fundraiser. We’re offering Tshirt & Sweatshirts that share a powerful message. Your support will assist us in reaching more young people for Christ. The Michigan City Youth Choir greatly thanks you for your support!

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