The Audacity Vault Is OPEN!!

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Are there any older, “out of print” songs from my catalog that you would like to have in your library again? Well, I have GREAT NEWS for you… The Audacity Vault is open for a limited time.

Audacity VaultFor those who subscribe to my website with your email address, I am opening up the Audacity Vault for you to request any “out of print” song from my catalog.

The vault will be open during the EALRY BIRD TICKET SALE for my upcoming Live Worship Recording. October 5th – October 9th….

During this time you can also purchase Live Recording Tickets for the sale price of $10. After the sale, tickets return to regular price of $10.

So go ahead and subscribe today at www.cornellburtonjr. I will send you an email where you can respond with your song request……10514183_327773644068710_8473543142008956061_o


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