The RE-definition:Failure

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The RE-definition:Failure

One of the major skills that must be developed in the life of a successful person is proper definition of Life’s Events.

Our own system must be developed that defines how we feel, think and respond to what happens in our lives.

Believe it or not, its totally up to you. It’s up to you to decide and define what these particular events mean for your life and destiny, and how you will respond.

It’s powerful! It’s powerful to know that I don’t have to accept or settle for societal definitions and expectations for how I should respond to what happens in my life.

This means I don’t have to crumble where others have crumbled, nor do I have to quit where others have quit. I’m afforded the ability to decide for myself how I will think, define and respond to things that occur.

Remind yourself of these truths;

  • There are plenty of survivors who have lived through the exact same things that have killed others.
  • The fact that you’re still breathing is evidence that Life & Success is still available if chosen.
  • Your personal system of definition must be in place before your moment.


We must decide right now, before we are in a moment of high emotion, where we stand. How do we define things like failure?

Merriam Webster says to ‘define’ is to

:to determine or identify the essential qualities or meaning of something

It may seem odd to say, but failure has some essential qualities. Many people, however, don’t properly define failure. We grapple with what it should mean to us and how we should respond. Particularly in the Christian realm where we often feel or are made to feel as if we misheard the Holy Spirit if things don’t go well with our plans. This culture, coupled with an undefined personal strategy and standard breed unhealthy responses to failure.

Failure, not properly defined gives birth to responses that paralyze us. It can produce Fear. Fear is dangerous in that it postures itself in direct opposition to our willingness to step out on faith. It cautions us to the point that we refuse to try again. Fear magnifies all that could go wrong to the point that we’re nearly blinded to the glorious opportunities and blessings that await us if we’re willing to move.

This door is opened when there is a lack of a predetermined definition and response in place in our lives.

Can you imagine how much time is saved when you attack and approach a current issue, from the perspective of a standard and decision that’s already in place?

It saves time and energy because there are some options that have already been taken off the table. A personal definition of failure can have built in it, a decision that it does not require the response of quitting. It’s not an option or a part of my conversation. We’ve made the powerful decision that no matter what happens, we will not quit!

That decision allows us to show up at this moment with quitting off the table. So we can now immediately implement a response that only includes forward moving. We’re able to get right to our strategy of regrouping and charting our way back to active capacity.

I choose to define Failure this way;

a : a falling short of a particular endeavor, but not the end of the world

b : an opportunity to rethink, regroup and strategize a course of action for victory

c : higher education marked by the quality of hands on experience

d : definitely no cause for panic, fear or quitting

Take a moment and create a definition for yourself:

Now that you have personally and properly defined failure, you have freed yourself to respond to tough moments like a champion.

Champions respond differently to challenges. Champions have a vision of victory that is larger than any setback. Champions get knocked down and get back up stronger and wiser. Champions learn from the last mistake and come back to conquer.

I believe every person that is reading these words is a champion.

Failure can’t stop you. Setbacks can’t cause you to quit. Victory is yours!

Many before you have experienced an imperfect path to success and victory. Your road may have bumps and potholes. Just remember, You were born to rule and you’re built to win!


 A Prayer For Those With The Fresh Sting Of Failure:

Father, in the name of Jesus.

I thank you that you love us enough to order our steps.

I pray for those that are reading this and still feeling the aftermath of a recent setback. Some in business, others in relationships and other areas.

God I pray that you help them to properly view and define what has transpired and still find they’re hope in you.

Speak to their hearts all that they are to learn here, and give them a vision for life after this moment.

I believe you still have a plan to prosper them and give them hope and a future. We trust your plan for our lives..

I praise you now for all the awesome things that you’re doing and about to do in our lives.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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