When the Worshipper feels Lonely.. -Question #1-


10514183_327773644068710_8473543142008956061_o“Church” is over. The music has stopped and all of the high spirited corporate energy is now a memory. None of it was fake or simple emotionalism. It was an encounter with the almighty God that was experienced with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

It’s not an encounter that you’re unaccustomed to at all. After all, you’re a Worshipper. You live your life as an act of Worship. In your private time away from the crowd it’s not odd for you to have moments with God that bring you to tears in His presence. In fact, your public times of Worship can’t even come close to the private times of intimacy with you and your God. Yes. You’re a worshipper.

However, there are very real moments in your life where its undeniable what you are feeling. You have the knowledge that your loving Father is always with you, yet you still have these heavy and very serious moments. It’s not popular in our modern “spiritual superstar” culture to readily admit it, but what you feel is……… Loneliness.

How can this be possible? How can the Worshipper feel lonely? Are you lacking in faith? Is there a glitch in your relationship with Christ? How can you explain the fullness of your heart being poured out consistently before God, yet finding yourself feeling alone and a little confused.

In a season where we hear about pastors killing themselves and so many people who love God, deciding to give up, I think it’s productive to have the conversation about Loneliness……

Question #1 – Why are Worshippers/Christians feeling so lonely?

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